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From members of the USDA to our state’s congressional representatives, we’re dedicated to working with top Washington policy makers to ensure North Dakota farmers receive representations on the issues that affect their operations. 

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Working in Washington so you can Focus on the Field

No matter how big or small the issue, the NDGGA is dedicated to providing representation to North Dakota farmers on a national level. In addition to our frequent trips to our nation’s capital, the NDGGA employs a full-time lobbyist to ensure we stay current and involved with federal agricultural policy. James Callan has more than 30 years of experience advocating for agriculture. Having worked at the USDA and in several positions on Capitol Hill, James has the experience and knowledge to help the NDGGA navigate the Washington political landscape and ensure we provide the best possible representation to North Dakota farmers.

February Washington Update from James Callan

Jim Callan recently provided a Washington D.C. update.  Things are moving quickly with the new Administration.  Here are some of Jim's insights and issues he's been working on.  Katherine Tai looks to be the next USTR.  Dealing with the EU tariffs, which impact U.S....

Washington Update from James Callan

This week incoming Senate Agriculture Chairperson Stabenow stated in Agri-Pulse that one of her priorities would be an Agricultural Carbon Market.  Jim Callan provided the following information regarding that initiative: Last June, Senators Debbie Stabenow (D-MI),...

Radio Interviews with NDGGA Washington Lobbyist James Callan

NDGGA Washington Lobbyist James Callan was recently interviewed by North Dakota media outlets following the NDGGA Annual Meeting. James did a great job providing an update on the latest news out of Washington. You can listen below to his interviews on Farm Talk with...