Jim Callan recently provided a Washington D.C. update.  Things are moving quickly with the new Administration.  Here are some of Jim’s insights and issues he’s been working on. 

  • Katherine Tai looks to be the next USTR. 
  • Dealing with the EU tariffs, which impact U.S. spring wheat imports, are getting to a critical point as the EU will look elsewhere if the trade issues aren’t solved in the April/May timeframe.
  • The H2A issue, allowing for South African agriculture workers to arrive in the U.S., was driven by the State Department.

NDGGA on the national scene

Thanks to Jim Callan NDGGA has been able to increase its footprint nationally by joining national organizations, the most recent of which is the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance.  With climate at the forefront of policy discussions it makes sense for NDGGA, on a national level, to be a part of ongoing climate policies.  You can find information on the alliance at https://agclimatealliance.com

NDGGA also belongs to the Agriculture Transportation Coalition; their information can be found at https://agtrans.org

NDGGA also is up for membership consideration, which will be discussed in March, with the Crop Life America’s Food and Beverage Committee.  This membership puts NDGGA “at the table” discussing pesticide and pesticide related issues.