The North Dakota Grain Growers Association held it annual meeting in conjunction with the 2021 Prairie Grains Conference December 8-9 at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks. In addition to voting on resolutions for 2022, the NDGGA held officer elections to determine organizational leadership for the year to come.

The following members were re-elected to the NDGGA Board of Directors:
Northwest Director Election – Troy Bratcher
Northeast Director Election – Jeff Mertz
Southwest Director Election – Ed Kessel
Southeast Director Election – Dean Knell

The following members were elected to serve as NDGGA officers for 2022:
Tom Bernhardt – President
Ed Kessel – 1st Vice President
Ryan Ellis – 2nd Vice President
Dean Knell – Secretary/Treasurer

The NDGGA Kernal Award was also presented to two recipients who have dedicated their careers to advancing the agricultural industry in North Dakota.

John Weinand – Kernel Award for a Farmer
Neal Fisher – Kernel Award for Industry