The North Dakota Grain Growers Association applauds this week’s ruling by U.S District Court Judge William Shubb issuing a permanent injunction against California’s Proposition 65 glyphosate warning. The NDGGA is part of a national coalition of agriculture groups that have been opposed to Proposition 65, which requires glyphosate products to be labeled as carcinogens. 

NDGGA President Dennis Haugen says the ruling favors agriculture and sets a precedent he hopes will be upheld in the future. “This has been an ongoing battle, and we’re pleased Judge Shubb agreed the science does not support the claim Proposition 65 is trying to make,” he said. “The use of safe herbicides and pesticides is vital to sustaining American agriculture, and we’re hoping this decision will set a standard for practical policy going forward.” 

Haugen, who was recently named to the EPA’s Farm, Ranch, and Rural Communities Committee, says the ruling also highlights the importance of maintaining strong relationships between commodity groups and the EPA. “It’s crucial we communicate to the EPA the effects not having access to certain chemicals would have on our fields so they understand how to best regulate these products in a way that’s good for the environment and farmers,” he said.