FARGO, N.D. (Feb. 7, 2020) – A delegation of representatives from the North Dakota Grain Growers Association spent the week in Washington meeting with top policy makers. The trip included meetings with Sens. Hoeven and Cramer, Rep. Armstrong, RMA Administrator Martin Barbre and NRCS Chief Matt Lohr among others.

NDGGA President Dennis Haugen says the meetings were productive and focused on issues that affect N. D. farmers. “We had a lot of discussions about the H-2A program with Sen. Cramer and Rep. Armstrong,” he said. “We discussed wetland issues with the NRCS, especially changes to the current requirements for drain tile setbacks, which we’re finding are creating more salinity and soil health problems.”

Haugen says the group also met with EPA officials to discuss the NDGGA’s annual E-Tour that will take place this June in and around Bismarck. “Our environmental tour has become the most popular tour of its kind among EPA officials. We got to meet some of the folks interested in attending and hear about what they’re working on or curious to learn about, which helps us plan the tour agenda to make it most beneficial for both parties,” he said.

One new agenda item for the delegation was a meeting with Congressman Collin Peterson who represents Minnesota’s 7th District. “We’ve become more proactive at providing national representation to N. D. farmers,” Haugen said. “With Rep. Peterson we discussed a range of issues that affect agriculture in N.D. and Minn. We’re always looking ahead, and we hope to meet with more representatives from other states in the future because in the end it will provide a stronger voice for N.D. agriculture.”