Dear North Dakota Industrial Commission,
I write on behalf of the North Dakota Grain Growers Association (NDGGA) to urge your support for the Davis Refinery which is planned by the Meridian Energy Group Inc. in the Belfield area in Billings County. The North Dakota Grain Growers Association is a member-based Association; through the Association’s contracts with the North Dakota Wheat Commission and the North Dakota Barley Council we work on domestic policy issues for the 19,000 wheat farmers and 4,000 barley farmers in North Dakota. NDGGA is in support of the Davis Refinery project.
Simply put the Davis Refinery Project represents a source of energy independence for the state of North Dakota. Diesel fuel is the lifeblood of North Dakota agriculture; without it agriculture cannot operate. Providing a reliable, sustainable and readily attainable diesel fuel source here in the state is not only good for North Dakota agriculture, it will allow for energy independence for the entire state economy.
Siting the Davis Refinery in the Belfield area is the logical location for the project. Belfield offers a unique blend of infrastructure advantages that few sites can offer; pipelines access, transportation access, power accessibility, and the obvious access to oil and natural gas products makes this the site of choice for this much needed facility.
As you are well aware the Davis Refinery Project is an economic development dream for Billings County and western North Dakota; 150 to 200 high paying permanent jobs, 500 construction jobs, approximately $1 billion in construction costs are but a few of the economic development benefits derived by the project. Additionally there will be immeasurable benefits to the communities and economies on the local, state and regional levels.
With everything taken into consideration the North Dakota Grain Growers Association respectfully requests that the North Dakota Industrial Commission support the Davis Refinery Project. When the sound science of the project coupled with the economic benefits are taken into consideration the Davis Refinery Project presents a winwin situation for Billings County, the state of North Dakota and this entire region of the U.S.
John Weinand
North Dakota Grain Growers Association