West Fargo, N.D – Dan Wogsland, Executive Director of the North Dakota Grain Growers Association, today issued the following statement:

We are disappointed Dr. Oz’s television show did not feature any growers who rely on this safe-for-use product for sustainable agriculture. Growers work tirelessly to put safe and healthy food on America’s tables, including breakfast foods, and glyphosate is a vital tool we have trusted for decades. Every regulatory body in the world that has reviewed glyphosate has found it safe for use, including the EPA as Dr. Oz reported. We take issue with the prominence of the report by the EWG featured in the show because even if the levels they reported are accurate, one would have to consume 118 pounds of oatmeal every day for the rest of their life to reach the EPA’s limit set for glyphosate residues. We hope future reports on glyphosate focus more on science, facts and the growers who trust and use this product.